Dr. Harnet Bokrezion: How to Do a Successful Business in Africa?

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Harnet Bokrezion

Occupation PhD, agribusiness consultant
Date of Birth 1980*
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Harnet Bokrezion is a food scientist, entrepreneur, and business consultant. She specializes in business development in Africa. The woman has helped dozens of businesses get started on this exotic continent. She conducts courses for young businessmen. Those who wish have the opportunity to gain knowledge in her business academy. Her activities are of great socio-economic importance.

Biography: Age, Origin, Education

Harnet does not share information about his background, including age and nationality. She was born around 1980, but looks very young. Her roots go back to the African continent, but she studied in Germany. In her work, she pays a lot of attention to Rwanda. It is possible that she or her parents are related to this country.

Bokrezion graduated from Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz in 2000. Later, at the same university, she received a Doctor of Natural Sciences degree with a specialization in Food Security.

Dr. Harnet Bokrezion


Harnet Bokrezion is an enthusiast and a fan of his craft. Its main achievement is the creation of a platform that helps develop agriculture in African countries.

She founded Africa Business Jumpstart in 2014. Anyone who wants to start a business in one of the African countries can contact this company and get advice, an investment plan, valuable advice, and training.

In 2021, another company appeared, which is managed by Dr. Harnet. MyKibo operates in Rwanda and aims to help farmers export their products to Europe.

A lot of reviews can be found on the Internet about Dr. Harnet Africa Business Academy. There is not a single comment that would say that the scientist provides students with low-quality and not up-to-date information. Some complain that training is too expensive, but the price is an evaluation category.

Bokrezion has its own pineapple farm. You can invest in it and earn income.

She co-authored the book 101 Ways to Make Money in Africa with John-Paul Iwuoha. You can buy it on Amazon and some other online stores.

A woman blogs on YouTube. She talks about her achievements. You can also get valuable free advice there.

Dr. Harnet Bokrezion

Dr Harnet Bokrezion Husband

On Facebook, an agribusiness expert posts important points from his work. It is difficult to find family photos there, so the question of whether Bokrezion has a husband remains open. This also applies to children.

Dr Harnet Bokrezion Net Worth

The woman is a successful entrepreneur and consultant. She does some projects not for profit. For her work, she receives several tens of thousands of dollars a month. Her personal business brings her the same amount. Therefore, the net worth of a scientist can be estimated at 400-500 thousand dollars.

Dr. Harnet Bokrezion: How to Do a Successful Business in Africa?

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