Douglas Dubler: Biography of the Legendary Photographer

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Douglas Dubler is a legendary American photographer who is one of the fathers of fashion photography. He is one of the most accomplished artists in the beauty industry. He has a long biography, thousands of outstanding works, hundreds of thousands of admirers.

Biography of Photographer

Douglas is a man of the old school who proved his professionalism to the world even before the advent of social networks. Therefore, he does not name his exact age, date of birth, nationality and other such details.

He graduated from Boston University in 1969, which suggests that Dubler was born in 1947. He graduated with a degree in Fine Art History. During his student years, Douglas was fond of silk-screen printing. He has experience in plastic sculpture. He studied under the Japanese sculptor Isamu Noguchi. Douglas’ creative achievements have been recognized in Japan with the Silver Gull Award.

After graduating from university, Dubler began working in California and the Virgin Islands. This was the start of his long career.


Douglas received his first commercial success for underwater photography. Among his customers were even the US government and some large companies that needed photo reports on the state of the seabed on the west coast.

Just a few years was enough for the young photographer to hear about his work almost all over the world. In the 70s, he finally gave up on marine photography and opened several studios. Kodak, Coca Cola, BMW and other giants of the world business became interested in his services. By the end of the decade, he almost completely retrained as a fashion photographer. The contract with Max Factor was a real breakthrough. The man began to work with models.

In 1980, the man founded his own personal brand Douglas Dubler 3. In 1982, his company received a luxury studio in New York. Since that time, he has been considered a top-level specialist. Manufacturers of cosmetics, clothing, movie stars, fashion magazines began to actively use its services. He has over 40 years of experience in this industry.

Douglas Dubler is now in retirement age, his activity has decreased, but he is still in the ranks. He has a website and an Instagram account. Regular admirers of his work noticed that at the end of his career, the man decided to take up macro photography of flowers. That’s his hobby.

Douglas Dubler Instagram

The photographer has a Twitter account. There are a lot of posts on criticism of Donald Trump.

Family: Wife and Children

The photographer has a wife. Her name is Sarah Johnson. She is a shoe designer. The couple may have children, but nothing is known about them. Douglas’ social networks are his workspaces, not his personal blogs. Therefore, there are no photos or posts that would reveal the details of his personal life.

Douglas Dubler: Net Worth

Over the decades of a successful career, the man has earned a lot of money. The peak of his work fell on the 80s and 90s, when the fees were less than now. For this reason alone, we estimate its net worth at $900,000. His capital could be twice as much if he worked as hard as 20 years ago.

Douglas Dubler: Biography of the Legendary Photographer

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