Performer Dora – photo and biography

Full name Daria Shikhanova
Occupation singer
Date of Birth 30.11.1999
Zodiac sign Sagittarius
Height/Weight 158 cm / 50 kg
Family status Single
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Each song of the popular singer Dora is a small, touching, but very stylish story about love, parting and friendship. Despite the fact that the popularity of the artist has gone beyond YouTube, many still care about questions about her name and where she comes from, and the answers to them can be obtained from this article.

Singer Dora: biography

The real name of the young artist is Daria Shikhanova, she was born in Saratov on November 30, 1999. According to Dasha, her mother’s grandfather, a former military pilot, took delivery of her mother. The singer explains this by a difficult period in the history of Russia, when, in her opinion, there were not enough ambulances, and life was unbearably difficult. According to Dasha, she began to show her creative abilities and sing at the age of five or six, but since her parents earned very modestly and could not give her daughter into the hands of experienced teachers, she began to study music on her own. From birth, the young singer had decent vocal abilities and absolute pitch, she herself mastered playing the guitar, and later learned to cope with the synthesizer. Daria recalls with pleasure how happy she felt when her parents gave her home karaoke. According to Shikhanova, to the delight of her relatives and neighbors, she sang everything from jazz and opera arias to rap and popular disco songs.

Dora biography
Dasha’s love for music has been visible since childhood

As mentioned on various entertainment resources, Daria decided to seriously engage in music in 2017, after graduating from school, it is from this year that her creative biography begins. The singer characterizes her style as cut rock, which means performing songs of typically girlish themes in a gentle girlish voice to hard guitar chords, and she calls her fans kutlysh.

Shikhanova posted her first songs on social networks under the creative pseudonym Mental Affection, she also often recorded tracks with a young musician Yegor Barkhanov, known as Yegor Nats, whom she called her mentor. In 2018, Daria began to call herself Dora or super baby Dora, after the heroine of her favorite cartoon series Dora the Traveler, and initially she insisted on just such a spelling of her name, with a small letter, but then she decided to “grow up” to Dora.

Daria Shikhanova, performer of the song “Doradura”

The first songs of Daria, such as “Tore off”, “Star”, “Girl with a caret”, “I’m empty” and others included in the EP called “I’m not commerce”, were undoubtedly popular with the inhabitants of the VKontakte social network. She gained wide popularity in 2019 after the release of the song “Doradura”, a sad and lyrical composition, permeated through with notes of self-irony. Many music critics and bloggers have noted the appearance of Dora in the musical space of modern Russia, calling her nothing more than a phenomenon. Indeed, the combination of a melodious voice, incendiary music and sincere texts filled with rich semantic nuances and allusions did not leave indifferent and inexperienced teenagers, and more fastidious and more adult listeners.

The song “Doradura” marked the beginning of the popularity of a young native of the city of Saratov, and the covers became no less popular than the original. An interesting incident happened to the singer Tanya Volkova, the performer of the songs “Forget it” and “Thank you, Mom”, who sang the famous composition, which gave rise to rumors that she and Dora were the same girl.

In the fall of 2019, the singer released a full-fledged album “Younger Sister”, which, in addition to “Dorydura”, included such tracks as “Girlfriends”, “Rain outside the window” and “I’m sick of ignoring me.” The new collection has taken a worthy place in Dora’s creative biography, and the songs from it have staked out strong positions in the top VK charts.

Dora’s personal life

Quite expectedly, Dasha’s beloved fans called Yegor Barkhanov, however, most likely the young artists are connected only by friendship and joint creativity. Daria has a cheerful personality, she is one of the few stars of the YouTube generation who manages pages on social networks herself. The singer is happy to communicate with subscribers on VKontakte and Instagram, diluting communication with funny pictures and questions “Well, sho, how are the Kyutysh?”.

Dora boyfriend
Dasha after a joint performance with the performer Mukka

Dora now

After the triumphant success of the album “Younger Sister”, the artist began a tour of the cities of Russia. Dora’s concerts in the spring of 2020 are expected in Samara, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk and St. Petersburg, and ticket prices range from 500 rubles to a thousand. At the beginning of 2020, the number of the singer’s followers on her VKontakte page increased to 127 thousand, and almost 150 thousand people became her Instagram fans.

Image source: Instagram of promising performer Dora.

Performer Dora – photo and biography
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