Devon Larratt: Armwrestling Star

Full name

Devon Larratt

Occupation Armwrestler
Date of Birth 04.24.1975
Family status married
Height/Weight 168 cm/ 102 kg
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Devon Larratt is a famous and successful arm wrestler from Canada who delights the audience with his endurance and tremendous strength. He is very famous among fans because he shines not only as a sportsman but also as a famous YouTuber. His sports biography is impressive. A four-time World Heavyweight Champion (WAL) on his left arm and a two-time World Heavyweight Champion (WAL) on his right arm, the flamboyant and charismatic arm wrestler knows how to win the hearts of the public. We present to you a short wikipedia entry by Devon Larratt.

Biography of the famous athlete

Devon Larratt was born 24 April 1975 in British Columbia. Already at the age of 4, he showed considerable success in comic battles with his grandmother. When he grew up, he participated in fierce fighting in the special forces. As is sometimes the case with athletes, in his youth he was rather thin and physically weak, but hard training did the job, and he soon turned into a strong, brave, and tough athlete.

Net Worth

Armwrestling has become his favorite field of work, where he has realized his talent and earned a huge net worth, which is 300 thousand dollars. The tournament profit is $75,000. In addition, advertising companies with his participation also bring profit to him. Devon not only beats his rivals perfectly, but also knows how to attract the attention of the public.


Devon Larratt training

Many noted that against the background of his rivals, Devon was distinguished by his huge growth, which slightly does not reach 2 meters. The height of the arm wrestler is 1.96 m.

In 2008, he became famous all over the world, having won against the outstanding arm wrestling athlete at that time, John Brzenk. Unfortunately, the athlete had to endure difficult times. He had operations on the elbow joints of both hands, but this could not break his stubborn character. Devon became the undisputed champion of the 2015-2017 WAL fight series. His personal weight record is 125 kg.

Secrets of Training and Victories

In his performances, the champion shows particular tenacity. but the path to victory begins with training. The athlete has his own rules, which he follows strictly. For example, he writes down all his workouts in a diary, noting muscle reactions, regimens, and approaches. He also pays attention to the opponent, studying his strong and weak points. Right before bed,

Devon likes to eat a lot, especially leaning on proteins in the diet.

When he goes out to defeat the opponent, the public doesn’t know what to expect. His style is always different, but invariably one thing – he almost always wins, and with both hands. for this, he received the nickname “unlimited” – a person for whom there are no restrictions.

Devon Larratt family: wife and children

Larratt is not only a chic athlete but also a great family man. He is married to an actress and has three children. Larratt does not lag behind his wife, who talks about the family on social networks and often posts on Instagram. But the theme in his posts is arm wrestling.Devon Larratt wife

The happy couple also has their own YouTube channel for the family. Interestingly, the first video was published in 2020, just during the beginning of self-isolation.

Such is this delightful arm wrestler, who managed to win the popularity of the audience with perseverance and hard work and get a huge net worth.

Devon Larratt: Armwrestling Star

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