David Bazzel: Biography, Age, Wife, Wikipedia, Net Worth

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David Bazzel


former footballer, presenter

Date of Birth 10.13.1963
Family status divorced
Height/Weight 180 cm/ 90 kg
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David Bazzel is a football player and the founder of a number of famous awards, such as the Broyles, Cliff Harris, Harlon Hill awards, a reporter, the founder of the Touchdown club.

Bigraphy: Age, Family, Education

David Bazzel was born on October 13, 1963 in Panama City, Florida. Currently he lives in the city of Little Rock.

As he said in one of his interviews, his parents had a great influence on his further activities and formation as a person. They were his source of inspiration. He received all kinds of support from them, so he was able to succeed in his favorite occupation.

He attended the University of Arkansas and was on the varsity football team. After graduation, he took a year off from sports.


David Bazzel Biography

Bazzel came to Arkansas from Panama City, Florida to play football after turning down offers from Florida, Georgia, Georgia Tech and South Carolina.

Former Arkansas Razorbacks, David Bazzel is perhaps one of the most famous local football players. In 1984, he was a linebacker for the University of Alberta and captained the team. And that’s all, despite the fact that he had a short stature for a football player.

Due to shoulder and back injuries, he had to leave his career, although tremendous experience and inspired work allowed him to stay in the line. Since 1996, Bazzel has been actively involved in the creation of awards and trophies for the football community.

He created the Broyles Award, which annually recognizes the best assistant coach in college football. It is currently the premier college football award presented by the Rotary Club of Little Rock.

That same year, David Bazzel created the iconic 24-carat, 175-pound gold trophy known as “The Boot” for the rivalry between Arkansas and LSU each season.

Also, he is the founder of the Touchdown club, which unites famous names from all over the country. He is also responsible for the Tusk Foundation.

David Bazzel can be seen on television during the Razorback football season as a pregame announcer and commentator and on 103.7 The Buzz, the state’s most popular sports radio station.

He also serves as an analyst and reporter for KATV, Channel 7, during Razorbacks football games.

For David, the most important thing is to give back to those who deserve it, while drawing attention to Arkansas.

David Bazzel Biography

David Bazzel’s Wife and Children

During public appearances and appearances at events, it can be seen that David Bazzel does not wear a wedding ring and does not come together with a woman who could theoretically be his wife or girlfriend. According to the latest data, there is no clear information about the status of David Bazzel’s family life. There is information that he was married for a long time, but nevertheless divorced.

Therefore, we can only guess if David Buzzell has a wife or girlfriend. фBut one thing is clear — David consciously approaches personal boundaries and issues of personal life.

David Bazzel Net Worth

David is currently reported to be a reporter at Razorback football games and a radio host.

From here one can only assume the exact figure of David’s current net worth based on circumstantial evidence, but Bazzel’s estimated net worth can range from $700,000 to $14 million. This discrepancy in data is due to the lack of official comments from David himself. We consider the figure of 1 million dollars more weighted.

David Bazzel: Biography, Age, Wife, Wikipedia, Net Worth
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