Darrell Winn: Biography of the Gospel Singer

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Darrell Winn


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Date of Birth 08.19.1962
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Darrell Winn is a gospel singer and former tenor for the Jimmy Swaggart Ministries. The man sings independently and as part of a group. He is a very modest person, so he almost does not share information about his personal life and past. Videos with his soulful performance gain hundreds of thousands of views, but the singer does not create his own YouTube channel. He is an adherent of the evangelical church and a zealous Christian.

Biography: Age, Origin

Darrell is stingy with valuable information that could satisfy the information hunger of his fans. He was born on August 19, 1962. He is African American, but who his parents were remains a mystery. The man was born in Louisiana. There he graduated from Jackson High School. He graduated from Louisiana State University in 1986.

Career of the Gospel Singer

Darrell Winn became a real star and favorite of Americans when he began to sing as part of the Jimmy Swaggart Ministries group. This is an evangelist preacher who organized a musical group. As part of his group, the best singers in the United States. This music is loved by people all over the world, regardless of religion. He recently started his solo career. It was a definite step forward, because his talent is more obvious to the public.

An unexpected turn in his career was the opening of a candy store/bakery. He had a longtime hobby of making delicious desserts. When he became a solo artist, he had more free time. The man opened Sweet Thangz. Orders can be placed on Facebook. In the fall of 2022, Darrell Winn announced that he was starting to take orders not only from Louisiana, but also from nearby states.

Darrell Winn’s Wife and Children

Darrell Winn’s Wife

The singer and cook has been married for about 20 years. The exact name of his wife is unknown to the general public because she uses a pseudonym on Facebook. The couple has two children (a son and a daughter). They are already old enough. The loving father recently made a post about his daughter finding her first job. This is Darrell’s pride because he raises his children with a love of work. More information about the personal life of the Winn family can be found on the Facebook page. There are a lot of family photos, but little personal information, so fans who like to savor the details may be disappointed. However, Darrell is open with people to the extent that he sees fit.

Both the wife and Darrell often emphasize their faith in Jesus Christ. They are evangelists.

Darrell Winn Net Worth

The musician leads a modest lifestyle, but his earnings allow him to provide for a large family. His main source of income is concert tours. Additional income comes from the dessert trade. Net worth of his family may be 500 thousand dollars.

Darrell Winn: Biography of the Gospel Singer
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