Clavish: the charismatic young hip hop star

Full name

Clavish (probably

Cyan Francis Wright)

Occupation rapper
Date of Birth (Age) 1999
Family status single
Height/Weight 170 cm/ 67 kg
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Clavish is a brash British Rapper, famous Singer, Songwriter, who has conquered social media with his freestyle. He is talented, charismatic, young, and successful. In his Instagram there are more than 100K Followers. His path to fame was swift, and the net worth earned by talent and hard work is simply amazing. The man is an excellent role model. In this article, we will tell you the most relevant biography of a rapper.

Biography: Age, Real Name, Origin

The British hip hop star was born in 1999. His motherland, Great Britain, is London. The man is in no hurry to share the details of his personal life with the public. For example, some argue that he may be  from Jamaica. His family may be from Nigeria, because he sometimes makes posts about the president of this country. Fans wonder about the origin of the rapper’s real name. But we do not know it exactly. This mystery has not been solved yet.

Clavish biography

For example, the author of most of his songs is someone called Cyan Francis Wright. This leads to some thoughts about who is behind the rapper’s pseudonym. But the talented hip hop star doesn’t tell fans anything. We can only know for certain that he is a really successful musician with huge prospects.

Clavish Net Worth

Clavish net worth

The singer is hiding his Net Worth. He has not yet managed to become a millionaire, but he is steadily moving in this direction. His income can be estimated at $100,000 a year. Companies that the rapper works with can pay huge fees, so the guy earns very well. It is also known that in 2020, the star earned from approximately 37.5 thousand to 50.1 thousand dollars.

Freestyle in His Life

The video of the freestyle instantly went viral. At one point, a talented guy had many fans around the world. When Clavish saw interest in his person. He decided to show others his works. Then, the rapper recorded the wonderful track 100MPH and immediately gained one million views. Soon, the number of views reached more views.

Among the most viral hits are «How It Goes’», «One Of A Kind», «100MPH», «Like This», and «Daily Duppy». The famous star has 24 tracks in total now.

Personal Life: Clavish’s Girlfriend

He keeps his personal life private. So fans are still wondering whether his heart is free. It is impossible to find a mention of his girlfriend on social media. It is only known that the talented musician is not married yet. But it is obvious that many would like to take the place of his beloved.

More facts about Clavish will be revealed soon. It attracts the attention of fans all over the world. Future interviews will reveal unknown pages of his life.

Clavish: the charismatic young hip hop star
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