Chencho Corleone: trend conqueror biography

Full name

Chencho Corleone

Occupation singer
Date of Birth 02.19.1982
Family status unknown
Height/Weight 173 cm/ 69 kg
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Chencho Corleone is a famous Puerto Rican singer and musician, founder of Plan B, and one-half of the duo. He actively performs solo and in a duet, leads social networks, and is very popular. He has 2.3m Followers on his Instagram. And he is perhaps the most recognizable person in his homeland. Due to his bright charisma and talent, the singer managed to become famous and earn an impressive net worth.

This year he made a significant breakthrough in his creative career, having recorded a joint track with Bad Bunny. The video has received more than 120 million views on YouTube. Now his biography, career plans, and personal life are interesting to people all over the world.

Biography of the Famous Singer

The guy was born into a simple family in Guayama Puerto Rico. But his exact age is still not known. Wikipedia lists the date of birth as 1982, but other sources provide information that the star was born in 1979.

He played basketball in his teens and worked as a barber for his cousin as a young man.

Chencho Corleone biography

Interestingly, Plan B is a creative union of relatives. The duet members are Chencho and his cousin Edwin Vasquez Vega, nicknamed Maldi). After he tasted fame, he did not go into serious trouble, as is often the case with celebrities, but took up his education. Chencho began to study business administration. Now he has a specialization in marketing.

Chencho Corleone Net Worth

Chencho Corleone net worth

Chencho is a millionaire whose primary source of income is his favorite calling, music. He receives impressive royalties from concerts and contracts with various brands. NetWorthInform (special web portal that explores the capital of the stars), reports that Chencho’s net worth is about is $4 million.

The celebrity’s monthly income is estimated at $50,000. Chencho loves his BMW. In general, we can say that the star behaves atypically. He is rather modest, does not stick out his income, and does not like to spread his life around.

Creative Career: Plan B

The singer began his creative career at the age of 20. Together with their brother, the guys found a producer who believed in young talents and gave the group a great start. It should be noted that the guys managed to use the chance they were given and brilliantly broke into show business. Their duet was first called Chencho and Maldi and is now known worldwide as Plan B. They achieved considerable success in 2002 with their debut album El Mundo de Plan B: Los Que montan.

Since 2019, the singer has released solo compositions that are also popular. One of the best known is Esperando Por Ti. In 2018 Plan B was considered to be recognized as one of the most important reggaeton duos. Chencho has managed to win the hearts of fans all over the world. The duo has many collaborations with other artists.

After nearly 18 years of working together, the duo decided to part ways so that each can start a solo career in 2018. However, the guys can reunite at any moment.

In 2022, the artist recorded several joint tracks. They’ve had incredible success. Over 100 million views on YouTube.

Personal Life: Wife or Girlfriend?

The singer is not married. As to whether he has a girlfriend, fans are speculating. The singer is very closed off from the press when it comes to his private life. Given his great popularity, it is easy to assume that many would like to get the heart of an enviable groom.

His talent, great activity, and determination helped the artist earn a great fortune. The singer does not stop with the achievement. He regularly invents new projects and collaborations with new partners, sensitively capturing the mood of his audience. His favorite work, his vocation is music, which brought him both fame and fortune.

Chencho Corleone: trend conqueror biography

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