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Charleston White is an American public figure, YouTuber, former criminal, motivator for young people. This is a very controversial person. He is the founder of the HYPE Street Outreach Program. He acted like a strong personality, abandoned the criminal past, but constantly hates other popular people. His sharp criticism is indeed not always appropriate. Because of this, he has more haters than fans.

Biography: Age, Origin, Family

Charleston is from Texas. He was born there in 1970. He grew up in a full-fledged family, because the guy had a father and a mother. A little more is known about her, because she was seen on his social networks. The man dedicated a very touching post to her.

For some reason, young White was an unbearable teenager. He got into a gang and spent time not studying, but in entertainment and hooliganism. He only graduated in 2015 at the age of 45. Charleston studied criminal law at Texas Wesleyan University.

Charleston White family

Charleston White’s Crime

At the age of 12, White, along with other members of the gang, went on a robbery. During the penetration into the store, they committed a murder. The guys were quickly arrested. There were 4 people involved in the case. Charleston was more fortunate than others. He was the youngest. Therefore, the guy received a term not in prison, but in a special school. The criminal activity of the man finally ended in 1998, when he was released from prison and decided to completely change his life.

Charleston White Career

After the man broke with the past, he took up volunteer work. He decided to help young people who have chosen the wrong path. He gives motivational lectures at the Texas Juvenile Justice Department and Welcome Back Tarrant County. In 2012 he founded HYPE Youth Outreach. This is an organization for working with people aged 12 to 20. The work of a volunteer is highly valued in the USA. He even collaborated with some gangs, helping young members of criminal gangs who wanted to break with the criminal world.

Charleston has a YouTube channel where he talks about how to choose your life path. He constantly criticizes rappers who dabble in illegal substances and position themselves as gangsters. Because of this, a man often finds himself in conflict situations. He is harsh in his statements and sometimes his desire to make the world a better place looks like verbal hooliganism.

How did Charleston White shoot himself?

In the fall of 2022, the Internet exploded with the news that the activist had shot himself. He is still alive. It was a strange story from a strip club. Charleston during the conflict accidentally fired and wounded himself. Everything went without serious consequences.

Wife and Children

The volunteer has a wife and two children. He does not hide this fact, but does not provide additional details. This is due to the fact that a man has many ill-wishers. He does a lot of good things, but often his words make people angry. Sometimes it seems that Charleston deliberately speaks harshly for the sake of hype.

Charleston White Net Worth

Charleston White Net Worth

The public figure definitely does not live in poverty. Some sources attribute to him a capital of $1.5 million. This is very doubtful information. His own clothing brand and social activities do not bring in that kind of money. The YouTube channel has a large audience, but not enough to earn 1 million. We estimate its net worth at 750 thousand dollars.

Charleston White: Biography, Age, Wife, Wikipedia, Net Worth

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