Avadh Ojha Sir: the most famous Indian coach and educator

Full name

Avadh Ojha Sir

Occupation coach, educator
Date of Birth 07.03.1984*
Family status married, has 3 children
Height/Weight 173 cm/ 70 kg
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Avadh Ojha Sir is an Indian educator, YouTuber and social activist. The man is the author of several books on the UPSC exam that have become bestsellers in India. He made an enormous contribution to the education of thousands of Indian citizens. He makes instructional videos for YouTube, many of which have received 4-5 million views. The man organized his own educational platform, where he prepares everyone for the UPSC state tests. He takes small coaching fees, so he has thousands of students.

Biography and Wiki

Avadh was born in Gonda on July 3, 1984*. His parentage and parents remain unknown. His success is due to personal hard working, so Ojha’s childhood is shrouded in mystery.

*The exact age and date of birth of Avadh Ojha Sir is disputed. There is a high probability that the man is older and over 40 years old. This is supported by his appearance (gray hair and wrinkles).

The man studied at a local school (Fatima School), and then graduated from the university in 2005. He chose the path of a teacher, so in just a few years he received a degree and began to teach. He is a lawyer by education, but the scope of his interests is very wide. His experience has already exceeded 15 years.


Avadh Ojha Sir biography

Avadh is known for his unique and original approach to coaching. He became known to the general public through his work at the Vajiram and Ravi Coaching Center in Delhi. His profile was history. However, in 2020, the man changed his life. He started working at NEXT IAS. In 2021, he launched his own educational app for smartphones. In the same year, he created a YouTube channel. In one year, his videos were viewed more than 150 million times. He talks about how to succeed, find motivation, and also reveals the secrets of the Indian Civil Service Examinations (UPSC). Many young people want to pass this exam in order to have a chance at a decent life.

His videos are motivating. He releases them every day. However, they are only in Hindi. It is useful for many to listen to this wise man, so you need to use subtitles.

In addition to coaching activities, Avadh has a very active socio-political position. In 2015, he supported one of the candidates for the post of deputy of the Delhi City Council and spoke at his rallies.

In his spare time, Ojha Sir rides a bicycle. He does it himself, and sometimes goes on bike trips with the whole family.

Personal Life: Wife, Children

He has been married to Manjari Ojha since 2007. During this time, the couple had 3 daughters. The wife went with Ojha Sir all the way to success. They have a strong marriage. She does not take part in his work. Manjari takes care of the house, takes care of the children. She is a middle-class actress. She does not participate in box office films. Therefore, such work can be considered a hobby that brings money. Avadh’s daughters are still minors, so they do not lead a social life and do not talk about plans for the future.

Avadh Ojha Sir family

Avadh Ojha Sir Net Worth

Ojha is a very popular person in India. He is very much loved for his generosity and kindness. He spends a lot of money on charity. Several thousand people became his students, and such popularity has already brought millions of dollars to some of his colleagues from the USA and Europe. However, Avadh asks for rather modest coaching fees. Tuition costs from 3,600 to 23,000 rupees. He does this so that more people can get an education.

The public figure does not voice the exact amount of earnings. Its net worth can reach $1 million.

Avadh Ojha Sir: the most famous Indian coach and educator
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