Ava Max: biography of the singer, personal life, creativity, photo

Full name  Amanda Ava Koci
Occupation singer
Age (date of birth) 02.16. 1994
Height/Weight 160 cm / 55 kg
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Ava Max is a young and ambitious singer. Introducing the song “Sweet But Psycho” in the summer of 2018, she gained immense popularity. Despite the fact that there are no new hits in the singer’s arsenal yet, it is her name that is called the main discovery of 2018.

Biography. Early years

The real name of the singer is Amanda Ava Kochi, she was born in 1993 on February 16. Ava’s parents, ethnic Albanians who emigrated to the States from Saranda, lived in Virginia, raising Ava and her older brother. Music has always been a girl’s passion, she inherited her voice from her mother, an opera singer. According to Ava, from early childhood she listened to her mother rehearsing at home and tried to sing along with her. While studying in high school, the young singer won music competitions and dreamed of a stellar career.

At the age of 14, the girl tried to get a job in Los Angeles, but, having heeded the requests of her parents, she returned home to finish school. She made her next attempt in 2010, decisively starting the path to her dream, which took several years.

Career. Start

In Los Angeles, the girl took vocal lessons, her family helped her pay for housing and studies. Later, in an interview for the popular publication Music Week, Ava will say that she will always be grateful to her parents for their support.

In 2016, Miss Max began collaborating with Californian musician and producer Wes James, known as DJ Le Youth. The result of the joint work of two talented young musicians was “Clap Your Hands”, which became one of the brightest hits of the summer-autumn 2017 season.

Ava Max on set
Ava Max on set

During this period, Max worked hard, her popularity gained momentum, and in early 2018 she sang the song “Into Your Arms” with rapper Witt Lowry, later starring with him in the video for this song.

In search of her own style, Ava sang disco hits, and especially the fans of the aspiring artist liked her interpretation of Aqua’s super hit “Not Your Barbie Girl”, as well as the songs “My Way” and “Slippin”.

No less popular was the song “Let it Be Me” performed by Ava with David Guetta, however, according to music critics, the composition received such a high rating in part because of the source material that formed the basis of the composition, namely the songs of the pop star 90s Suzanne Vega: rhythmic and charmingly melancholic “Tom’s Dinner”.

Sweet but crazy singer

In the person of the famous producer and musician Henry Walter, known in the world of music as Cirkut, the young artist found much-needed support for her. “Sweet But Psycho” and the luxurious video clip became a loud statement about the emergence of a new star in the world pop music firmament. In this composition, Max showed her own style, unique, albeit shaped by the clear influence of singer Sia and Lady Gaga’s eccentric videos.

Ava Max at the concert
Ava Max at the concert

Released on the Vevo platform in the summer of 2018, the clip took the top positions in the European charts in a matter of days, becoming the leader in sales, as well as downloads and reposts. With the advent of 2019, the composition did not give up its positions, in many EU countries the single was certified gold, and in Norway – platinum.

Ava’s personal life

In her interviews, Ava does not like to be frank and talk about relationships, without hiding, however, that she has a boyfriend. There are rumors in the fan community that Miss Max’s boyfriend is her guitarist, handsome Niko Aranda, who posted several joint photos with the singer.

The main source of information for fans is Ava’s Instagram, however, private information, except perhaps for the details of dyeing regrown hair roots and trips to beauticians, is not found in it. The singer regularly pleases subscribers with selfies, at the beginning of 2019 their number exceeds 200 thousand.

Ava Max now

Ava Max now 2019
Ava Max now 2019

Since the end of 2018, Ava has been making a large-scale promotional tour of American cities. In February, it became known about the planned release of Ava’s new song “Naked”, in an interview for radio “106, 1 BLI” the singer mentioned the preparation of the first album, which, according to her, will be her biography, since each song in it is dedicated to a certain event that took place on her path to fame.

On the eve of Valentine’s Day, the singer performed at the New York pop cafe The Warehouse.

According to Paper, Miss Max is in the top 100 artists who will become stars of the first magnitude in 2019.

Photo source: Instagram of the singer.

Ava Max: biography of the singer, personal life, creativity, photo
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