Aquilino Gonell: Biography of the Capitol Defender

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Aquilino Gonell is a former US military officer, a member of the Capitol Security Police. He took part in maintaining order in the state building during the attack on it by the radicals. He received bodily injuries. He subsequently testified before Congress in open hearings in the case. He has an interesting biography. The man drew attention to himself thanks to the steadfast performance of his duties in the Capitol, but even before that he had done a lot for the United States.

Biography: Age, Nationality

Aquilino was born in 1979 (approximate data based on circumstantial evidence). His homeland is the Dominican Republic. He is a Dominican by nationality, and came to the United States as an immigrant. He left his home in 1992 to get an education. He graduated from college. It was a major achievement for his family because his parents had limited financial resources.

At a young age, Gonell enlisted in the US Army. He received citizenship and began his long service, which one way or another continues to this day.

Career and Events at the Capitol

Aquilino’s military service began in 1999. Already in 2004, the man went to the war zone in Iraq. He was in a hot spot for almost 2 years. After the end of the contract, he returned home and retired. Gonell had real combat experience, so in 2006 he was gladly accepted into the guards of the Capitol.

Aquilino Gonell in Capitol

On January 6, 2021, hundreds of radicals broke into the Capitol. At this time Aquilino was in service. He did not leave his post, although various things rained down on him and his colleagues, people tried to injure them, someone even sprayed chemicals. Gonell was noted for the fact that even after receiving harm to health, he did artificial respiration to one of the attackers.

Subsequently, the man became one of the main witnesses at a public hearing in Congress. He told a lot about those events. An emigrant from the Dominican Republic shared that in addition to physical pain, he still feels emotional pain. He came to the US in search of real democracy. He risked his life in Iraq for this country. However, some native Americans did not react to the barbaric events, although they could openly condemn them.

Aquilino continues its work. He is still young to retire. The storming of the Capitol made the man very popular. He leads Twitter, where he has more than 100 thousand subscribers. The policeman shares his thoughts on politics and the situation in the country.

Aquilino Gonell Net Worth

Aquilino Gonell Wife and Children

The policeman has a wife. He mentioned her in his testimony because it struck him that he couldn’t hug her due to the amount of chemicals on his uniform. He does not disclose the details of family life. The Gonell couple probably have children.

Aquilino Gonell Net Worth

The veteran has a good income. He is not rich, but he has already guaranteed himself a decent old age and the possibility of a good education for his children. The most likely net worth is $250,000. He receives a military pension, a salary for dangerous work in the police. He became a member of the TV show, he is being interviewed. Probably, Aquilino receives some kind of fee for this.

Aquilino Gonell: Biography of the Capitol Defender
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