Andrei Jikh: from Card Tricks to Successful Investments

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Andrei Jikh


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Date of Birth 01.04.1989
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Height/Weight 175 cm/ 70 kg
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Andrei Jikh is an expert in finance and investment. He runs a YouTube channel, gives private consultations, tells subscribers on social networks about his business and personal life. The man has become a rare example of a truly wealthy YouTuber and investment coach. Therefore, the public deserves to know the truth about his net worth, where he lives and how he spends his free time.

Biography: Age, Education, Parents

Andrei was born in the USSR on January 4, 1989. Most sources call him Russian, but there is no exact data on the nationality of his parents. At that time, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Russians and some other peoples lived within the borders of one country.

Around 1998, the Jikh family moved to the United States. Andrei’s father was a circus performer and received a lucrative offer from Cirque du Soleil. Since that time, Andrei has been living in Los Angeles, although he does not sit still and loves to travel.

The guy was educated in the USA. He graduated from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas in 2009. He received a degree in business administration and management.

Andrei Jikh is a middle-aged man. Investments made younger people rich too. However, Jikh’s age is a huge plus. He already has life experience, and the path to financial independence was not easy.

How Did Andrei Jikh Make His Money?

The YouTuber’s parents had financial problems. If not for their debts, Andrei would have continued to work on 60 thousand dollars a year. The man knows how to do tricks with playing cards. This brought him a good income for a long time. He even acted as a consultant on the film Now You See Me 2. This is likely what allowed him to generate start-up capital. Great investment returns require good money in the beginning. Do not think that Andrei got rich from scratch.

In 2017, he created his YouTube channel. By this time, his net worth was about $250,000. He became interested in money management, spending and saving strategies, investing in stocks and cryptocurrency. He decided to share his first small success with the audience on the Internet. The further development of his business can be traced on YouTube. He got richer every year.

Andrei Jikh Net Worth in 2023

Andrei Jikh net worth

The investor and YouTuber have a strategy to multiply their capital. Sometimes his annual capital gain is 30%. Jikh always handles huge amounts of money on his blog, but does not give an accurate account of his bank account and valuable property. The current net worth can reach $5 million. Can this amount be more? Doubtful in 2023, but possible in the future. Andrei proved that his earning strategy works.

If you do not take into account investments, then a man receives up to 500 thousand dollars a year from YouTube. He can get the same amount from personal consultations and referral partnerships. These are optimistic, but quite probable amounts.

Jikh became a millionaire around 2019. He has a great future ahead of him, but it all depends on how the markets he has invested in perform.

The entrepreneur always emphasizes how important it is to be discreet in spending. He follows his own rule, although Instagram followers may have noticed that Andrei has a luxury sports car that costs at least $200,000. На путешествия и досуг он тратит примерно столько же ежегодно. He spends about the same amount annually on travel and leisure.

Portfolio: Crypto and Stocks

According to YouTube, he invests in boring stocks. Many are chasing huge percentages, but not Andrei. He is more conservative. Another rule of thumb is to only buy stocks that pay dividends. Thus, he earns not on speculation, but on investments in big business. This allows you to hedge any fluctuations in the market.

In this video you will find a list of companies whose securities were bought by the entrepreneur:

Jikh has a cryptocurrency. First of all, these are bitcoin and ethereum. This is a small part of his portfolio, but he is not going to part with it. The man expects a serious growth in the cryptocurrency market.

Andrei Jikh’s Wife and Family

Andrei Jikh’s Wife

The millionaire has a girlfriend. They have been together for several years. She is about 26 years old. They live together, but still haven’t got married. The couple has no children yet. His beloved woman’s name is Corrie. She helps him shoot content.

Andrei Jikh: from Card Tricks to Successful Investments

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