Andrea Bocelli: biography of a phenomenal singer

Full name  Andrea Bocelli
Occupation singer
Age (date of birth) 09.22. 1958
Height 187 cm
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The phenomenon of Andrea Bocelli, whose voice is called one of the most beautiful ever, is that there is no phenomenon in it. The sounds that the Maestro generously gives to the world are a reflection of his beautiful soul and unique talent. If God sang, he would sing in the voice of Bocelli, they like to repeat in Italy the words of another great singer – Luciano Pavarotti.

Biography of Andrea Bocelli. Childhood

Andrea Bocelli was born on September 22, 1958, the boy spent his childhood in the Tuscan village of Laiatico, where his family has long owned a wine farm. Parents tried to fight congenital glaucoma diagnosed in their son, but they knew that numerous operations would only help delay the onset of blindness. Andrea began to study music from the age of 5, his parents invited teachers to the estate, and he took piano lessons, learned to play wind instruments. At the age of 12, the boy was injured from an accidental ball hit and lost the rest of his sight, which did not prevent him from graduating from school and continuing his education at one of the largest universities in Italy in Pisa. Music, which Andrea loved endlessly, was at first a means of self-expression for him. After graduating from university, the young man worked as a social advocate for a year, but soon left his job to devote himself entirely to music. Andrea took vocal lessons from Luciano Bettarini, and in the evenings he sang in bars, performing the favorite songs of visitors.

Career. Start

In 1992, a blind musician decided on a desperate step – to audition with Adelmo Fornaciari, the favorite of all Italy, the pop-rock artist Zucchero, who was looking for a tenor performer, in order to prepare a demo of the song “Miserere” and send it to Luciano Pavarotti. In this song, built on the contrast between Zucchero’s voice and Luciano’s lyrical tenor, Andrea had to sing the part intended for the opera star so that he could appreciate the song and subsequently perform it with Zucchero. Pavarotti was fascinated by the young man’s vocal abilities and decided to get to know him personally.

At the end of the same year, the recordings of the compositions “Miserere” and “Nessun Dorma” came to Caterina Caselli, the owner of the Sugar Music music company, who immediately contacted Zucchero and asked him to invite the young singer to her for a conversation. Andrea, who did not keep himself waiting, arrived at the company’s office a few days later and, after listening to the song “Il Mare Calmo Della Sera”, signed a contract with Sugar Music. In 1994, Andrea performed this composition at the Sanremo Festival and received the highest jury rating in the history of the project.

andrea bocelli photo
Bocelli and Sharon Stone

Voice of God

After a triumphant performance in San Remo, Maestro Pavarotti invited the young artist to a joint concert in Modena. The famous tenor was always known for his reverent attitude towards young talents and the help he provided to them.

As Pavarotti himself later said, he was incredibly proud that he heard Andrea one of the first, because that’s how “God would sing if he had a voice.”

In 1995, the artist gives a series of concerts in the capitals of Europe and records the first disc, which was immediately sold out. Within five years, Bocelli released five albums, each of which inevitably became more popular than the previous one.

Since the early 2000s, the artist’s fame has taken on a universal scale, which was greatly facilitated by his performances with the stars of the pop scene and rock music, which was not very liked by critics, who believed that the star was exchanging his unique voice for unworthy music. However, Bocelli himself had a different opinion, in different years the honor to perform with him was awarded to Bryan Ferry and Celine Dion, John Miles, Jennifer Lopez and Christina Aguilera, and Bocelli’s duet with unearthly Sarah Brightman, according to the unanimous opinion of art historians and critics, is considered the most beautiful of all ever existed.

Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman
Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman

In 2006, the great tenor sang with the young Gregory Lemarchal, performing the song “Con Te Partiro”. The infinitely tragic and beautiful song was one of the last performances of the French nugget, who soon died of cystic fibrosis at the age of 24.

The canonical rendition of the all-time hit “Besame Mucho”, which Andrea gave even more depth and sadness, found a new sound in a duet with Natalie Cole in 2012. The legendary “Besame” in their performance strikes with a combination of a piercing and slightly nervous voice of a jazz icon and Bocelli’s deep enveloping tenor.

With British rocker Ed Sheeran, the divine tenor sang his song “Perfect Synphony” in 2016. Bocelli also performed with the singer Zara, performing a composition from the musical “The Phantom of the Opera”, but the song “Time To Say Goodbay” received love and recognition from the public in 1997, when Bocelli was first performed by Bocelli with the British diva Sarah Brightman.

Personal life of Andrea Bocelli

The singer first married in 1992, his chosen one was Enrica Cenzatti, whom he met while studying at the University of Pisa. Shortly after the birth of her sons, Amos in 1995, and Matteo in 1997, Enrika suspected her husband of infidelity. The children did not strengthen the relationship of their parents, Andrea and Enrika could not stand the test of fame and distance, because of the constant touring, the artist was not at home at all, which was the main reason for the divorce.

In 2002, the Maestro married a second time to the daughter of his friend and singer Ivano Berti. Unlike her ex-wife, Veronica was able to surround Andrea with care and love, she toured with him for ten years, acting as director and impresario. In 2012, she gave her husband a daughter, Virginia.

Andrea Bocelli wife
Andrea Bocelli with his wife Veronica

In addition to concert activities, the legendary tenor is also involved in the family business; in 2015, he took over the functions of the head of the wine production. Bocelli wines are famous throughout the world for their delicate taste and exquisite aroma, which seems to have absorbed not only the sun of Tuscany, but also the soul of the famous Maitre.

Andrea Bocelli now

At the end of 2018, the album “Si” was released, this is the sixteenth collection of songs performed by Andrea Bocelli, which includes songs recorded by the Maestro with Ed Sheeran, Dua Lipa, and also with the Russian singer Aida Garifullina. The new disc also includes Bocelli’s solo songs, his star hits and new works sung in French and English.

At the beginning of 2019, the artist began a series of performances that fans of his talent will be able to visit in Europe and America.

Charity, which is part of the life of Bocelli and his family, has saved many lives of sick children around the world, and has given talented young artists from poor families a chance to get an education. In the spring of 2019, another charity concert will take place in Italy, presumably in the home of the singer in Lajatico, the proceeds of which will be used to purchase drugs for the treatment of children.

Photo source: Youtube, as well as the singer’s Instagram.

Andrea Bocelli: biography of a phenomenal singer
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