Singer Alvaro Soler: biography and best songs

Full name Álvaro Tauchert Soler
Occupation singer, musician
Age (date of birth) 01.09.1991
Height/Weight 189 cm / 79 kg
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The well-known hit of 2005 “El Mismo Sol”, performed together with Jennifer Lopez, became a successful solo start for the Spanish singer and songwriter Alvaro Soler.

Singer and composer Álvaro Tauchert Soler is an ambitious Spanish performer from Barcelona. Professionally fond of music since early childhood.

Alvaro Soler, biography

Alvaro Tauchert Soler was born in early January 1991 in an ordinary family, where his father was German and his mother was Spanish. But from early childhood, the boy dreamed of singing in a famous musical group. Having a German-Spanish origin, Alvaro always dreamed of world recognition. As a child, he traveled a lot with his family, where in addition to him there were also a brother and sister.

At school age, the future singer had to move to Japan with his family. It was here that he began to actively get involved in music. He learned to play the piano professionally and write his first songs. Returning to Barcelona, ​​in 2010, together with his brother and a few friends, he founded the original musical group “Urban Lights”, which means “City Lights” in English.

The Urban Lights group performs songs in the following directions:

  • British pop music;
  • indie pop music;
  • Electonic music.
    During its existence, the group not only takes part in the music competition “Tú sí que vales!”, but also reaches the semi-finals. In its original composition, the team lasted only 4 years and broke up. Throughout his time in the group, Alvaro Soler studied industrial design at the educational institution “Escuela de Graásmo Elisava” and was a model in one of the most popular agencies in Barcelona. After the collapse of the band, the singer moves to Germany, but does not stop there, and goes deeper into music.
Concert by Alvaro Solera
Concert by Alvaro Solera

Solo career and first album

The Spanish single “El Mismo Sol” gained immense popularity not only in Spain, after which a special Spanish-English version featuring Jennifer Lopez was released for release in the US and European countries, which became a worldwide hit. Once on the air of radio stations, the single “El mismo sol” instantly takes off to the first positions of the charts in many European countries.

Having received a double platinum certification for the video, Alvaro does not stop there and releases his first album. Building on previous success, in 2015 the successful debut album “Eterno Agosto” was released, which could be found on all the shelves of music stores in Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, France, Great Britain, Germany and many other European countries. The new single from his successful album “Eterno Agosto” is called “Animal”, an energetic uptempo number with a powerful chorus and a gripping horn.

Alvaro Soler, songs

In 2016, the grandiose premiere of the song “Sofia” took place, which became Soler’s hallmark. After that, the video of the same name was released, which gained 400 million views on the YouTube channel. In the same year, he was invited to Italy for the 10th season of the X Factor TV show as a jury. In 2017, the premiere of Soler’s single “La Cintura” was released.

And here is the most popular clip of Soler:

List of songs included in the album “Eterno Agosto”:

  • “El mismosol”
  • “Tengoun sentimiento”
  • “Agosto”
  • “La vidaseguira”
  • “Cuandovolveras”
  • “Micorazon”
  • Volar
  • “Estanoch”
  • “Esperandote”
  • “Lucia”
  • “El camino”
  • “Si no te tengoa ti”
  • “Quepasa”
    The original lyrics are freely available on Alvaro Soler’s official Facebook page or the official website “”. All clips and compositions of the Spanish-German singer and composer are also collected here. Translations of his songs can be found on third-party resources.

Other achievements of Alvaro Tauchert Solera

During the short period of his solo career, Alvaro was repeatedly nominated for awards and prizes. Sang with Mexican actress-singer Lucero. Together with the Polish singer Monika Levchuk, he released an updated version of the song “Libre”. Collaborated with Morat, performing in a new song for the film “Despicable Me 3” or “Gru 3 mi viillano favito” with the song “Yo contigo, Tu conmigo”. Collaborated with the Mexican singer Thalia.

Solo albums by Alvaro:

  • Eterno Agosto (2015)
  • Mar De Colores (2018)
  • List of songs included in the album “Mar De Colores”:
  • Veneno
  • “La Cintura”
  • “Histerico”
  • “Te quierolento”
  • “Puebla”
  • “Ella”
  • “Au au au”
  • “Fuego”
  • Bonita
  • “No te vayas”
  • “Nino perdido”
Alvaro Soler and Sofia Ellar
Alvaro Soler and Sofia Ellar

Very little is known about Alvaro’s personal life, as he does not like to let journalists into his own space. It is only known that he dedicated his song “Sofia” to Sofia Ellar, with whom the singer has a warm romantic relationship. Through Instagram, Alvaro and Sofia have confirmed that they are a couple. Although many still believe that this is just a musical collaboration.

According to the latest information, the singer is completely immersed in musical work and is working hard to create new hits. At the moment he gives solo concerts around the world. You can book tickets for Alvaro’s concert on the official website “”.

Image source: Singer’s Instagram.

Singer Alvaro Soler: biography and best songs
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