Altonio Jackson: Diverse Personality

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Altonio Jackson

Occupation actor, tattoo artist
Date of Birth 1991*
Family status single
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Altonio Jackson – rapper, songwriter, actor, tattoo artist, model, entrepreneur. It was with such regalia that the man awarded himself. This is true, although not in all areas of activity he is equally successful. He is a popular personality, but opens up completely only to close people. For this reason, it is very difficult to find reliable information about his nationality, personal life, income.

Biography: Age, Nationality, Parents

Altonio was born in New Orleans. He grew up there surrounded by friends. According to Jackson himself, he grew up as an original gangster (OG). It was a joke, but it was not far from reality, because his area was never prestigious. Date of birth, and therefore age, remain a secret. Everything indicates that Altonio was born in 1991. This is approximate data.

The nationality of the musician and actor depends on where his father is from. The man talks only about his mother, sister and deceased older brother. Therefore, it is very difficult to make plausible assumptions. In addition to African American roots, he may have Hispanic roots.

Altonio Jackson family

His mother Monique James always took care of her children. She failed to save the life of one of her sons. Now Altonio has the opportunity to provide financial assistance to her.

Jackson does not have a higher education. He learned how to tattoo himself. Later, he simply improved his skills and gained experience. Whether he studied acting is unknown, but roles in several series and reality shows made him very popular.

Career: Movies and Songs

The first appearance of the tattoo master on the TV screen happened in 2018. He became a member of the popular show Black Ink Crew. Thanks to the shooting, he greatly expanded his client base and became quite recognizable. The way the young man is kept in the frame did not go unnoticed by the producers. Later, he was invited to other TV shows. He starred in more than 10 different projects. These weren’t leading roles, but Jackson has a stable acting job. The highest grossing project with his participation is the series Sacrifice.

From a young age, Altonio loved to write rap lyrics. In 2015, he made his debut as a musician. Now he continues to release new songs as Ace B-47. He has his grateful listeners, but not one song has become a superhit. The musician is a ghostwriter for some rappers.

Altonio Jackson: Wife or Girlfriend?

The personal life of the actor is complex and confusing. He has a daughter who is already 13 years old. Who is the mother of this child is unknown. There is a possibility that Jackson never had a wife. Now he definitely does not have family relationships, but he may well have a girlfriend. The man does not want the public to have information about his behind-the-scenes life.

Altonio Jackson Net Worth

Altonio Jackson wiki

A man works for his family. He posts photos on Instagram with expensive jewelry and branded clothing. This is part of his image. He is not a millionaire. However, Altonio makes good money. Its net worth can reach $500,000. For a year, he earns about 100 thousand dollars from fees for shooting, orders for tattoos, and monetization of his personal blog. Jackson has already achieved much of what he dreamed of as a child, when the financial resources of his family were much less.

Altonio Jackson: Diverse Personality
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