Alex Hormozi: more than entrepreneur and youtuber

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Alex Hormozi

Occupation entrepreneur, business expert
Date of Birth 08.18.1992
Family status married
Height/Weight 192 cm/ 112 kg
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Alex Hormozi is a US businessman with Iranian roots. He loves sports, which is why many people know him thanks to a large decentralized network of gyms. The man works in different areas of business, helps to develop companies, shares the secrets of making money on the Internet. The entrepreneur maintains a YouTube channel and a blog on Instagram. He donates a lot of money to charity.

Unscrupulous websites spread incredible information about Alex, such as that he is 52 years old. This forced us to find the truth about his nationality, age, education, net worth and personal life.

Biography: age, origin and education

Hormozi was born in the USA. He really has Iranian roots. His parents left their homeland in search of a better life. On August 18, 1992, their son was born.

The guy graduated from Vanderbilt University with a degree in corporate strategy. He received his bachelor’s degree with honors. To do this, it took him only 3 years, instead of the standard 4 years.

Already in adolescence, Alex became interested in the topic of gyms. He wanted to look good, so he worked hard at fitness. After graduating from university, the guy decided to try to open his own fitness club. This was the start of his business career.

Career: books, Gym Launch

Alex made his first attempts to do his own thing in 2013. It was a standard offline trading business, which he substantially expanded and sold after 3 years at a good profit.

The most important thing for Hormozi was the development of the gym. Things did not go well right away. For a long time, the young entrepreneur had to live at work. A few years later, the man began to try his own business strategies. This helped attract new visitors to his gym and $10,000 in monthly income.

With this small success, Gym Launch started. Alex decided to sell his efficient business model and help others open successful gyms. More than 1500 gyms around the world have already used the Gym Launch model.

The obsession with a healthy lifestyle led Hormozi to create his own brand of nutritional supplements. Users know this company under the commercial name Prestige Labs. Later, Alex created a company with a wider range of Done For You Meals (DFYM) products and services.

Alex Hormozi book

The most serious creation of Hormozi was Acquisition. It is the essence of all the knowledge and skills of an entrepreneur. The company can be called Alex’s personal investment fund. He invests his capital and knowledge in businesses that come to Acquisition for help. If you want the Hormozi team to help you scale your business, read all the rules of cooperation on the official website of the fund. It is necessary to meet certain financial criteria, including the average turnover of capital. Acquisition analyzes the traffic sources, the acquisition process, and the client’s monetization strategy. Then the team of specialists shows the opportunities for development and investment for the next 5 years.

Alex Hormozi constantly shares the secrets of success on Instagram and YouTube. Hundreds of thousands of people constantly follow content updates. However, the man has published several books on copyright business strategies. The most popular are $100M Offers and Gym Launch Secrets.

Personal life: wife and children

Alex Hormozi wife

Alex Hormozi is married. His beloved woman’s name is Lelia. They have been together for many years. Lelia went with her husband all the hard way to success. When Alex experienced difficulties and took his first steps in business, his beloved woman constantly motivated him and helped him to run his business with all her might. Today she is a full member of his business empire. She is part of the Acquisition team, blogging and lecturing.

Accurate data on children in the Hormozi family is not available. It looks like a busy couple doesn’t have time for kids. Such conclusions can be drawn based on the content of their social networks.

Alex Hormozi net worth

Alex Hormozi net worth

The real income of the Hormozi family is of interest and controversy. There is no reason not to trust the information that under his leadership, various companies have made more than $100 million in profits. However, many believe that this amount is the net worth of Alex Hormozi. This is not true. Not every dollar of such profit ends up in the pocket of an entrepreneur. He constantly invests in new projects. His family is also involved in charity work (After School All-Stars charity received at least a million dollars). More precisely, the total capital of the entrepreneur can be estimated at $20 million. This amount should not be considered final.

Alex Hormozi: more than entrepreneur and youtuber
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