Abdurozik: the real story of the singer and Hasbik’s main rival

Full name Abdurozik
Occupation singer, blogger
Date of Birth 2003
Family status single
Height/Weight 100 cm/ 17 kg
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Abdurozik is a young singer from Tajikistan. He has an unusual appearance due to health problems. The rapper and blogger Baron (aka Behruz) helps him in every possible way. Recently, the guy can also be considered an MMA fighter.

Biography (who is)

A talented guy was born in the Tajik city of Penjikent in 2003. He grew up in a family of very modest means. His father was a gardener and did not earn much money. This was partly the reason for the short stature of Abdurozik. As a child, he suffered from rickets. However, the boy did not complete the full course of treatment, which subsequently resulted in an acute shortage of growth hormone.

Abdurozik went to school only at the age of 12, because before that age he simply could not master the long journey to the educational institution. There is no data on his academic success, but the guy has definitely chosen his path.

Abdurozik: biography

Abdurozik and Baron: creative career

One day a stranger approached him in the market and addressed him as if he were a baby. His friend said that Aburozik is not a baby at all, but an almost adult guy and is even fond of vocals. It became interesting for the people around to hear an unusual singer. A crowd of onlookers quickly gathered around, filming what was happening on video. Naturally, the video leaked to the network and went viral. Fame was also helped by relatives who gladly shared the talent of the young man in their social networks.

The unusual singer was noticed by a blogger and rapper from Tajikistan, Baron. He took on the production of a young guy. Abdurozik moved to Dushanbe, where he began to actively act in videos, sing songs and rap. His debut video for the song Ohi dili zor (Cry of the soul) gained several million views and became a strong start to his musical career.

Personal life

The young guy sings sincere songs. He does it very sincerely. Perhaps he puts his real emotions and experiences into singing. However, nothing is known about whether Abdurozik has amorous plans.

Battle of Khasbula and Abdurozik

The Tajik talent met via the Internet with the Dagestan blogger Khasbula (known as Hasbik). This young man has similar health problems, so they quickly found a common language. However, the outrageous Hasbik, who trains in the gym with Khabib Nurmagomedov, shot an ambiguous video with a challenge to fight under the rules of MMA anyone in his weight category. Abdurozik took it personally and accepted the challenge.

The fight was scheduled for various dates in 2021. The hype did a crossover interview released in the month of May. There the guys actively argued and even nearly got into a fight. All in the best traditions of the UFC. It was filmed in the format of a pre-fight press conference and implies that the fight has already taken place. Who won and where to watch the fight after the interview, no one said.

Abdurozik now

The guy continues to post funny and musical videos on his social networks. Several new hits are planned. High-profile collaborations are not ruled out.

The guy saves the money he earns and sends it to his parents. In his hometown, the young talent began to build a house and a restaurant.

Thanks to Baron, Abdurozik underwent a serious medical examination. The doctors found that the guy has a chance to grow by 40-50 cm. Probably, the young man will take care of his treatment and his height will overcome the mark of 100 cm.

Abdurozik: the real story of the singer and Hasbik’s main rival
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