BULA & SVNV: the story of the guys who took off like a rocket

Full name BULA (Bogdan Bulgakov)

SVNV (Vladislav Savinov)

Occupation rappers
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BULA and SVNV are a duet of performers who blew up the CIS charts. Their hit “Smoldering” (I take off like a rocket) broke into TikTok, becoming the backdrop for thousands of dance vines. The guys do not advertise their identity, but our reliable sources provided unique information about hitmakers from the outback.

Biography BULA & SVNV

BULA and SVNV are ordinary guys, originally from the small mining town of Ternovka (which is not far from the city of Pavlograd) in the Dnipropetrovsk region. Many are sure that the performers are really a tractor driver and a miner. This is how they position themselves, but this is just an image for the hit “Smoldering”. In fact, the guys had recently graduated from high school and had not even had time to get a permanent job. Between themselves, the performers are good friends, they have been friends together for a long time, although now they even live in different cities and each of them has their own fate.

BULA: who is it and where is it from?

BULA, aka Bogdan Bulgakov, was born and raised in the city of Ternivka, now he lives in the city of Ternivka, as well as in the city of Dnipro. Some Internet resources called him Bulat, which does not stand up to criticism.

BULA & SVNV: biography of the performers, who it is and where it comes from, the song “Smoldering”

The guy celebrates his birthday on February 8th. The new artist does not advertise the exact year. Information about what the performer is doing now is not disclosed.

SVNV: who is it?

SVNV, also known as Vladislav Savinov, also comes from the city of Ternovka, where he still lives. It seems that the nickname was born due to the exclusion of all vowels from the real name. He was born on August 6th. Most likely, he is the same age as Bogdan.


Vlad is fond of sports from an early age: in childhood – judo, and later – motocross and cyclocross (BMX Racing), so earlier he could often be seen riding BMX on the bike site or on the streets of his hometown. At the same time, as in the case of BULA, information about what SVNV is currently doing is not disclosed online.

Personal life

Officially, neither Bogdan nor Vlad started families. But each of them already has strong relationships with girls. Bogdan (BULA) on his Instagram account posts a lot of joint photos with a girl, and on his VK account, in the marital status column, he indicated: “in love with Olya Loss.”

Vlad also posted several joint photos with a girl on his Instagram account, where he even dedicates romantic lines to her with declarations of love.

“Smoldering” (I take off like a rocket)

On October 26, 2020, the performers published their track called “Smoldering.

The song contains profanity, under an energetic beat, the hit performers sing about the “movement”, which the lyrical hero flies “like a rocket”, and also dedicates lines to the girl and his feelings for her.

Literally in the first days, the track began to break into the most famous music charts, as evidenced by statistics: a day after the publication, the track was already in 19th place in terms of popularity on the VK / BOOM chart, two days later – already in 9th place. Literally a week after the publication, the track took first place on the VK / BOOM chart, 1st place on Shazam in Russia, 5th on the Shazam world chart, 4th on the Apple Music chart Ukraine, 14th place on the Apple music Russia chart. The song remains in the top on the most popular music platforms “YouTube Music”, “Spotify”, “Apple Music”. Many joke that the guys with their hit really “took off like a rocket” in all the most famous and popular music charts and platforms.

On social networks, haters and envious of the success of the performers now and then comment that they bought a boost in the charts or they are promoted by third-party services. Indeed, on the pages of Russian record labels (“King Media Group”, “Soyuz Muisc”) there is information about the hit “Smoldering” by Bula feat SVNV.

Although, if you remain realistic, you should take a sober look at the cost of such services (the price tag starts at 50 thousand dollars), as well as look at the photos in the accounts of performers who live in a provincial city of Ukraine and, until recently, were photographed against the backdrop of old Zhiguli – hardly young guys really have the opportunity to buy such services.

In addition, the website of the King Media Group record label provides information that the track “Smoldering” was recorded almost a day before the release in terrible conditions – in a garage on a microphone from headphones.

Users in the comments are also actively defending the performers, admiring the work of ordinary guys who “didn’t get scared, did better than the rest and gained popularity on their merits …”.

In fact, this track gained popularity largely thanks to the TikTok social network. The energetic rhythm of the music, the text that is understandable to young people have become the basis for a huge number of video memes and vines on TikTok, as well as rehashings by other users that collect hundreds of thousands of views. By the way, the original track has already collected more than 1 million views on TikTok.


Having gained albeit a sudden, but still well-deserved popularity, the guys have already confirmed that they do not plan to stop there. Now the performers have announced that they are filming a video for their hit, which will appear in the near future and have even posted a small teaser. In it, the guys are driving across the field on a tractor, emphasizing the lyrics from the song about “the miner and the tractor driver.”

Also, now the performers are sharing plans for possible concerts, applications for which they are already accepting on direct Instagram, as well as about future hits, which, as the rappers promise, will definitely “take off” no worse than the first hit, and leave a promising teaser on the official pages “…this is just the beginning…”.

BULA & SVNV: the story of the guys who took off like a rocket
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