Bella Poarch: the most boring face of Tik-Tok

Full name Bella Poarch
Occupation tiktoker
Date of Birth 02.08.2001
Height/Weight 160 cm / 55 kg
Family status unknown
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Bella Poarch is the star of the social network Tik Tok. Gained worldwide popularity thanks to music videos with incredibly expressive articulation. She blew up the internet in the summer of 2020 when she released a lip-synching to Millie B’s Soph Aspin Send (better known today as “M to the B”).


This cute girl has a specific appearance, suggestive of her Asian roots. For this reason, many are perplexed to learn that she lives in the United States. The confusion stems from the fact that Bella became an “American” in 2014. And the beauty was born 13 years before (February 8, 2001) in the Philippines.

There are practically no details about the girl’s parents. Bella Poarch sometimes mentions them in her stories, but always without specifics. Once a blogger told her followers on Instagram that her parents should be thanked for her musicality. It was they who recognized the little girl’s tendency to sing in time and encouraged her in every way to do so. From the age of 8, she became a regular at school musical events. Creative addiction did not leave the beauty even after ten years. Once in the army, she immediately joined the naval choir.

Bella Poarch army

As a teenager, Bella and her parents moved to Hawaii (USA). The formation of a young person as a person is connected precisely with this place. Proximity to the sea pushed the fragile girl to serve in the US Navy. There is no exact data on the passage of service on the network. The public knows about her only from a couple of Bella’s early posts on Instagram. In the winter of 2019, the military-style activity ended.

It is possible that we are talking about a “course of a young fighter” or service in a similar format. Under US law, every citizen who has reached the age of 17 and has no health contraindications can join the army under a contract. Judging by the publications on the social network, the future TikTok star joined the Navy at the age of 16, which causes some misunderstandings.

Interesting fact: Bella loves computer games and anime. She often makes interesting cosplays and posts photos with a joystick. She even considers getting a Twitch account and streaming her favorite games.

Bella Poarch

Career in Tik Tok

The cute girl has always hit social media. Twitter and Instagram flooded her hot photos and shots where she appears before the public in an anime image. But this brought minimal popularity. The number of followers was several thousand.

Everything changed in August 2020. Bella Poarch tried her hand at filming Tik Tok lips. A short video for the song “M to the B” blew up the Internet. It’s funny that this track has never been in the tops. He was a prominent representative of the British hip-hop underground. Millie B and Soph Aspin didn’t share something. They exchanged disses, one of which was the composition M to the B.

Unlike Miley B, Bella has hooked Tik Tok users. In a matter of days, the video with her participation gained several million views and likes. Within a month, the number of views approached the fantastic mark of half a billion. It’s ironic that Millie B and Soph Aspin recorded a feature in the hope of hyping random popularity. But they were in for a fiasco.

Bella is a mega-popular influencer with millions of fans on Instagram and Tik Tok. However, not a single subsequent video scored even half of the views of the debut hit. By the way, it should be called debut with a certain degree of conventionality. After all, attempts to remove lipsing were made before, but they did not bring success. It is possible that the girl decided to throw herself into the promotion of a hit post. Otherwise, such a breakthrough is very difficult to explain.

Personal life (does she have a boyfriend)

The burning beauty does not report anything about her personal life, orientation, addictions in love. Therefore, under her publications, you can find hundreds of declarations of love from fans. Someone seriously expects an answer.

In September 2020, Bella posted a picture with blogger James Charles. Under the photo is a short but understandable phrase “I love you.” One can speculate, but this looks more like a picture of a fangirl with an idol than a girl with her boyfriend. It remains to be expected that personal data will be leaked from intruders or revelations from a cutie.

Bella Poarch now

Beauty continues to gain popularity. Lipsing with incredible facial expressions are starting to appear more and more often. It’s nice that there are no advertising integrations among them, although entry into this market is to be expected, because millions of likes require monetization.

With the popularity of the miniature Filipina, bugs began to happen. She was attacked by the Koreans for demonstrating a tattoo with one of the flags of the Japanese Empire, under which they occupied Korea in the first half of the 20th century. The innocence of Corruption suggests that such incidents will continue to happen.

Bella recently posted a video where rapper Tyga joined her. In the near future, we should expect new duets with famous personalities. What collaboration would you like to see? Write in the comments.

Bella Poarch: the most boring face of Tik-Tok
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