Which of the Russian and world stars spoke out against the war in Ukraine

Which of the Russian and world stars spoke out against the war in Ukraine

On February 24, 2022, the troops of the Russian Federation invaded Ukraine. This shocked many people. In Russia, there were many stars and bloggers who supported the decision of the Russian authorities to unleash a war. But many conscious celebrities and influencers expressed their civil position and called for an end to the so-called special operation.

Which of the stars and bloggers supported Ukraine

World stars responded to the disaster promptly. All support for the Ukrainian people was expressed by: Angelna Jolie, Sean Penn, Cher, Madonna and many others. Some did not waste time on beautiful words, but expressed their position with active actions. Elon Musk sent his Starlink satellites to Ukraine to provide the country with fast free internet.

The players did not pass by the trouble. Cristiano Ronaldo categorically spoke out against ending the war. The position of his main competitor, Lionel Messi, who absolutely ignored the tragedy of a pan-European scale, is very surprising. Previously, he was not seen in love with Russia. The best scorer in Europe, Robert Lewandowski, could not pass by, once again proving to the whole world that he deserves the Golden Ball more than others, because he shows sports courage not only on the field, but also off it.

Football fans have noticed that all matches of the European leagues start with the unanimous support of Ukraine. I especially remember the match between Manchester City and Everton, where Ukrainian football players Zinchenko and Mykolenko play.

PSG player (ex-captain of Real Madrid) Sergio Ramos at the end of March began to help raise funds for the affected Ukrainians.

Which Russian stars and bloggers are against the war with Ukraine

Not all musicians in Russia followed the path of Nikolai Baskov, who published a pre-prepared post on his social networks that war is cool, but you should not worry about the death of Russian and Ukrainian soldiers. Ekaterina Varnava, Valery Meladze, journalist Dmitry Muratov, actor from Quartet I Leonid Barats (which is not surprising, because he is from Odessa), Danila Poperechny, Maxim Galkin, Sergey Lazarev, Ivan Urgant, were not afraid of repressions. Director Kantemir Balagov, actor Alexei Molochnikov, poetess Vera Polozkova, director Kira Kovalenko, scandalous actor Alexei Panin, musicians Andrey Makarevich and Boris Grebenshchikov.

Some of the above stars of Russia protested the war or limited themselves to phrases about world peace. But many made categorical statements condemning the official policy of the Russian Federation. Many well-known personalities in Russia have Ukrainian roots, so their position is obvious: Ivan Dorn, Nastya Kamensky, Artem Pivovarov and others. Among immigrants from Ukraine there are also those who are cautious in their statements. Ani Lorak avoids the topic of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine as much as possible.

Yury Dud gathered his thoughts for a long time. But a few days after the start of the war, he found the strength to talk about the events in Ukraine.

In this situation, many opinions have formed. But it is important that everyone can express their position, even if it differs from the general or official one. It is obvious that the number of opponents of the war will only grow. Opinion and firm position of opinion leaders can bring peace closer.

Which of the Russian and world stars spoke out against the war in Ukraine
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