Daria Mironova from Match TV: the life and career of the presenter

Full name Daria Mironova
Occupation TV, radio presenter
Date of Birth mid 80s
Height/Weight cm and kg does not advertise
Family status Single
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Daria Mironova is a Russian sports journalist and TV presenter. Works on Match TV channel. He specializes in hockey topics: he comments on matches, interviews players, and hosts sporting events.


Daria was born in the city of Ufa (Republic of Bashkortostan, Russian Federation). The date of birth is deliberately hidden by the host and her employers from Match TV. This does not prevent us from assuming that the life path of the future sports television star began in the mid-80s of the 20th century.

After the collapse of the USSR, the Mironov family went to the USA, where they lived for 10 years. Los Angeles became the new home of the girl. For some time she lived in New York, but the East Coast was not pressed by the eternal rush and business spirit. As the journalist told in an interview with Maxim magazine, the southern measured was more suitable for her temperament.

Across the ocean, the young lady graduated from high school and faced a choice of a further life path. She studied economics at the university, and as a part-time job she starred for various glossy magazines (advertising for wedding dresses, underwear, etc.). The father did not approve of his daughter’s desire to learn the intricacies of television and radio broadcasting, which led the young girl to work in a lawyer’s office. Daria was engaged in forensic science, because she loved to make psychological portraits and look for details of crimes hidden from prying eyes. But when it came to unpleasant spectacles, the girl realized that it was time to tie.

At a conscious age and with a good store of knowledge, Daria Mironova returned to her homeland. She knew exactly what she wanted to do, so her career as a journalist quickly went up.

Daria Mironova match tv hockey

TV presenter career (Match TV, KHL TV)

In the United States, the textured blonde was shooting ads for the NHL, participated in match reviews and other entertainment events. For a whole season she worked as an entertainment manager for the Baltimore Ravens football club. She speaks highly of this work.

The sports direction began for the beauty with boxing, tennis and swimming. Hockey was not an end in itself. The main criterion for the work was the drive from the environment, heated by sports passion.

On the eve of the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Daria moved to Russia. She was gladly received at Russia Today. But there was no place in the sports section, and politics and economics did not bring joy.

Thanks to a large amount of knowledge about the NHL, the girl became the host of Sport FM. A little later, she got a job at Match TV and in the specialized KHL TV channel. There Daria became a real hockey star. The confidence in her talent was so great that Dasha was called to the position of assistant coach at the All-Star Game.

Daria Mironova Body game

The talented journalist does not forget about modern sports trends. She, together with Pavel Lysenkov, launched the Body Game project, which is released on YouTube. The program is dedicated to interviewing Russian sports stars. The fans will learn the most interesting details about the life of idols from this program.

Interesting fact:

The psychic and clairvoyant Daria Mironova, the full namesake of the journalist, is very popular. They are not related and have nothing in common except for their first and last names. The namesake declared herself on the show “Battle of Psychics” and has an official website where she talks about her successes in magic.

A strange coincidence awaits us in the city of Rostov. There, another Daria Mironova became the head of the investigative department. The fact that a fragile blonde headed such a serious body a few years ago amazed many.

Personal life of Daria Mironova

The Match TV correspondent does not like to advertise the extra details of her life. The fact that the heart of the beauty is free, admirers learned only thanks to revelations in an interview with Maxim magazine.

For several years, Dasha was married to hockey goalie Sergei Borisov. The marriage was not very strong. According to the host, she was tired of jealousy and suspicion on the part of her husband, because the final relationship was a foregone conclusion.

The gorgeous blonde enjoys freedom, but does not mention relationships. Many viewers note her playful behavior in the frame with young unmarried hockey players. Perhaps this is a type of professional presentation, or maybe the girl is looking for a worthy candidate for her husband.

Photo of Daria Mironova in a swimsuit

Dasha has a firm position – a self-confident man will not become hysterical about a photo of his wife in a bathing suit. The network has a lot of real and fake photos of a TV presenter in a swimsuit of varying degrees of frankness.

Daria Mironova in a swimsuit

On Instagram, the TV star posts decent photos that emphasize her figure and natural beauty. Admirers of Dasha’s talents can count on gorgeous photos, because she has a democratic disposition.

Daria Mironova now

The presenter continues to work on radio and television. A sports career is just beginning, so the fans will have something to watch in the future.

The heading “Graceful Hockey” on the WHL channel is gaining popularity. There is no better candidate for the role of leader.

The main event of 2020 is the next KHL All-Star Game. The role of Daria in this sports show is not yet clear. Probably, she will become a regular of this action.

Now work replaces Dasha’s personal life. But this cannot last long, because the hockey lady has hundreds of fans.

Daria Mironova from Match TV: the life and career of the presenter
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